YouTube vs Instagram vs TikTok

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YouTube vs Instagram vs TikTok

Not all Social Networks Are the Same

Not all social platforms are the same. Perhaps it goes without saying. However, is it something we always keep in mind when segmenting our content strategies and our marketing efforts? Today we share some notes about it.

YouTube vs Instagram vs TikTok: Where Brands Should Put Their Money for Influencer Marketing

• As influencer-led marketing witnesses a remarkable rise over the years, while spreading across TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, marketers continue to increase their budget in this bracket
• As the effectiveness of these platforms would typically depend on the brand’s target audience, for Urban Company, influencer campaigns are done on Instagram are more effective than TikTok
• Kartik Kala, Business Head, TopSocial India, said, “Creators on YouTube are identified as veterans while the ones on TikTok are identified as a layman.

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