Why Consumers Want Brand Communities, Not More Ads

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Why Consumers Want Brand Communities, Not More Ads

The New Strategies of Brands to Tell Their Stories

The interconnected consumer communicates with a brand in the same way that he communicates with his contact circles. This means that brands have to adopt new strategies when telling their stories: speak in a more human way.

Why Consumers Want Brand Communities, Not More Ads

• A decade ago, brands began leveraging social media influencers to reach consumers and build more authentic marketing programs as an alternative to paid ads.
• Today, we’re seeing brands expand their circle of influence, reduce their dependencies on any one social platform like Facebook or YouTube, and experiment with emerging channels such as TikTok.
• As a generation that’s grown up in the digital age, Gen Zers are not afraid to voice their love or distaste for brands both on and offline.
• By putting people at the heart of brand stories, focusing more on human-centered experiences, and inviting communities to participate with brands, brands can build communities that thrive — boosting brand love, driving sales, and fueling organic growth.

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