Why Should You Consider Recording Video for a Podcast?

If you are considering producing a podcast to disseminate ideas or promote products and services, consider recording video, not just audio. This amplifies the opportunities to better connect with audiences on different platforms, and there are ways to do this without adding major difficulties to production.

Video vs Audio Podcast: Differences and Possibilities for Cooperation

• Thanks to their narrative element, video vs audio podcast are today among the media types preferred by marketers.
• Human beings are visual creatures. Thirty percent of our brains are involved by what our eyes see. And we especially love faces. Newborns direct their gaze to faces as early as 24 hours after their birth. As we get older, this tendency seems to become even stronger. From facial features, from the emotional nuances communicated through expressions, we get a great deal of information. Adding video content where faces appear (for example, those of the speaker) can help audiences make deeper connections with the story being told.
• Video is much more social. Audio clips, when posted on social media, are not as immediately engaging as video. In fact, videos on social media are set to play automatically, but without audio. This is because social media platforms are optimized for video, and not audio, which is turned off by default. Adding video increases engagement for social media users as they find the podcast in their feed.

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