Three New Rules to Create Customer LoyaltyCustomer Loyalty

• Today, the whole world is just a click away and buyers have infinite choices but little time, and even less loyalty.
• Time is the scarcest commodity, and the winning merchants will build and optimize every aspect of their online presence to streamline, simplify, and speed purchases to make the sales process as quick, productive, and painless as possible.
• Hanging on to consumers and clients has never been more difficult. Make sure you know what you’re up against.

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Apple iOS 17.5 Major iPhone Software Release: Should You Upgrade?Apple iOS 17.5

• The latest iPhone software update is now live and landed on Monday, May 13.
• There’s already been one curious effect for some users, who have complained that long-deleted photos have been popping back into view.
• So, who is it for and how do you get it?

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A Rundown of What’s New and Improved in Android 15 — So Far

Android 15• Google’s next big mobile software update is now in public beta.
• The annual refreshes of Android and iOS are always worth looking out for, and in the wake of Google I/O 2024.
• We now have the second beta release of Android 15, so it’s a good opportunity to round up everything coming to the OS this year.

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