The Top 5 AI Image Generators You Should Try in 2024

AIAI image generators use advanced technology to quickly turn text prompts into various visual formats, from realistic images to illustrations.
• These tools are ideal for creating marketing assets, performing design tasks, and more.
• We’ll explore how these tools work and highlight our top picks.

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Google’s Surprise Update Just Made Android More Like iPhone

Google• If you buy a high-end Samsung or iPhone device, there’s little to choose between them. It’s the Android OS that has always been the catch.
• But now Google is slowly changing that as well—and it’s causing serious anger amongst users…
• Let’s discover the new updates.

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Here Come the AI Worms

IA• As generative AI systems like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini become more advanced, they are increasingly being put to work.
• But as the tools are given more freedom, it also increases the potential ways they can be attacked.
• Security researchers created an AI worm in a test environment that can automatically spread between generative AI agents—potentially stealing data and sending spam emails along the way.

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