The Often Overlooked Positive Side of Social Media

social media• Young Americans flourish digitally, feeling connected and benefiting from positive social comparison.
• Social comparison online can inspire well-being, especially with similar peers and inspiring content.
Social media can strengthen teen friendships and support, enhanced by parental involvement and digital skills.

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How to Extract GBP Review Insights to Boost Local SEO Visibility

SEO• Explore how to extract entities from your Google Business Profile (GBP) listings and competitor listings using Pleper’s API service.
• Examine the impact of entities mentioned in reviews on local search visibility, specifically in the Google local 3-pack results.
• Check out ethical techniques to promote revenue-driving entities through review solicitation efforts while adhering to Google’s guidelines.

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Google Will Roll Out Chrome’s New Extension Spec Next Week

Google • Google’s transition to Manifest V3 has been criticized for its potential impact on ad blockers.
Google is making way for Manifest V3, the Chrome extension specification that could change the way ad blockers work.
• The company says it will begin phasing out the old system on the Chrome Beta, Dev, and Canary channels starting on June 3rd.

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