The History of Black Friday — and What 2023 May Bring

Black Friday• Ever since Black Friday deals have had to compete with Cyber Monday’s offerings, they’ve become available earlier, stuck around longer and increasingly moved online
• While Black Friday originated as an in–person shopping experience, it now sees more online sales than Cyber Monday.
• Let’s learn about how Black Friday transformed from a predominantly in-store experience to an online shopping bonanza.

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Craft a Compelling Video Bio to Showcase Your Personal Brand

 Personal Brand• In today’s hybrid work world, first impressions are often digital. That makes a video bio essential for all career-minded professionals.
Video is the richest form of communication, second only to in-person interactions.
• Whether you’re pursuing a new job, trying to get in to see a new client, or boosting your online presence, an authentic, engaging video bio is a must.

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That Will Boost Your Website’s Search Engine RankingSEO strategies

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been around for more than 25 years.
• Because of the dynamic nature of SEO, many online guides on the topic offer outdated advice.
• Check out three SEO strategies that will help you improve online visibility, increase authority, boost organic traffic, and enhance user experience.

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