The Future of “Cookies”

The “cookies” or files that websites leave on computers to track user activity, are a vital element for personalizing the online experience and for targeting advertising so that advertisers reach the target audience, consumer who might be more interested in your products and services. In the near future it will become more difficult for sites to use this information when it has been collected by another company. Privacy vs. convenience.

The End of Third-Party Cookies: How It Will Affect Advertisers and Publishers

• Brands have long used third-party cookies to track website visitors, improve user experience, and collect data to target ads to the right audience.
• The main advantage of third-party cookies for advertisers was that they enabled the tracking of what users were browsing throughout the entire web within a specific browser, not just on the site on which these cookies had been installed.
• One of their main purposes is to inform users about what data is being used and allow them to choose who to entrust their data to.

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