The 5 Key Players You Absolutely Need to Run a Successful BusinessRun a Successful Business

• If you want to grow, not just survive, you need a personal tribe around you to support and supplement your role as boss.
• The secret sauce isn’t in operations; it’s in the operators.
• Here is how you make your personal life and work life work together.

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Your Personal Brand and How to Showcase It in An InterviewInterview

• Today, employers are looking for a unique type of employee who is willing to go the extra mile to secure a position within their company.
• To ensure your interview is as successful as possible, showcase your personal brand clearly using these tips.

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GoogleSamsung Joins Google in RCS Shaming Apple

• Samsung has released a new video in support of Google’s #GetTheMessage campaign which calls for Apple to adopt RCS or “Rich Communication Services”.
• In a new video, the world’s largest Android manufacturer asks ‘What did green ever do to them?’

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