Technology at the Service of a Brand’s Narrative


Technology at the Service of a Brand’s Narrative

How to Put Technology at the Service of a Brand’s Narrative to Present its Products and Services

In a world where the consumer is besieged by information from all sides, it is important to tell a story that brings the brand closer to its users.

Why Businesses Should Expand Their Storytelling Skills and Focus on Contextual Commerce

• Today’s ad-based storytellers, who work with brands to create fast-paced marketing content in an information-crowded society, must find meaningful ways to connect audiences to their stories while measuring those interactions as well as inspiring acquisition and brand loyalty.
• Their technology takes video advertising and e-commerce to a whole new level, by activating video storytelling with immersive engagements to revolutionize the way people interact with content, brands, and products.
• They focus on “contextual commerce,” which helps marketers provide a way for people to seamlessly make purchases.

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