Starting a Family Business: Business Ideas and Tips

Business Ideas• You can start a variety of types of businesses as a family business, including home improvement, dropshipping or pet-sitting
• When starting a family business, you want to outline the management structure within your business plan, clearly detailing how the business will run and who will run it
• You want to keep your business and personal lives as separate as possible, letting everyone enjoy quality family time.

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Don’t Like Your DALL-E Images? Openai Now Lets You Edit Them

DALL-E Images• This week, OpenAI released an editor interface tool, which lets users make edits by describing changes in a text prompts
• You can now edit DALL-E images if your AI-generated image needs a tweak here and there
• Here is how to edit images in DALL-E.

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WhatsApp Deadline—10 Days to Accept New Terms or Delete Your Account

whatsapp• WhatsApp is changing. Europe’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) has mandated that WhatsApp—and others—open their platforms to third-party chats
• The policy is not changing elsewhere, but the updates are generating publicity globally and will change how WhatsApp works. It’s critical that all users understand those changes and avoid the risks that follow.

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