What You Put on Your Social Media Counts

The assault on the Capitol in Washington on January 6 was seen around the world from many angles because many of the participants captured the events on their social media platforms. In these posts, the authorities now find evidence of criminal acts, although perhaps the protagonists did not consider the consequences of those actions at the time, which will undoubtedly open numerous debates.

Social Media Posts Serve as Tool for Law Enforcement Following Capitol Insurrection

• The FBI says it has identified hundreds of suspects following the U. S. Capitol insurrection and several criminal complaints point to social media posts as evidence.
• During the insurrection, many people who were there live-streamed video and posted pictures.
• Even though people think that social media has a certain level of privacy, those posts are pretty easy to find.

Read more here: http://bit.ly/3a4rRci

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