Podcasts Can Make or Break a Brand


Podcasts Can Make or Break a Brand

Do You Want to Do a Podast to Grow Your Business?

Many think they should start a podcast to grow their business or professional image. However, before launching a venture like that, you have to consider that it is not just about recording and publishing an interesting conversation. There are many more things to worry about.

Podcasts Can Make or Break a Brand

• With an approximate audience of 106 million listeners a month, a podcast can make or break a brand–learn the tricks to becoming a successful guest.
• Sky Cassidy, co-host of the podcast If You Market They Will Come, puts it this way: “The fuel that drives many successful podcasts is the quality of the guests. But for those wanting to boost their success as a podcast guest, it is important to understand how to give a great interview, or else you might cause more harm than good.”
• Kelly Glover, founder of the Talent Squad Agency, discussed the advantages and dangers of being a guest in a podcast on Episode 90 of the If You Market podcast “How to Be A Podcast Guest with Kelly Glover,” hosted by Cassidy and JOTO PR Disruptors CEO and Chief Strategist Karla Jo Helms.

Read more here: https://yhoo.it/2FnQ7uO

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