Key Digital Marketing Trends for 2024

Digital Marketing Trends• One thing you can always count on with the digital marketing landscape is that it constantly changes… and moves fast!
• There’s a lot to do to succeed in 2024, but if you know the trends coming down the line, it’s easier to plan, strategize, and get ahead of the competition.
• Let’s explore the digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2024.

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To Email or Not? 90% Of Workplace Misunderstandings Start Via Email

Email• Upon returning from the Christmas break, you come back to the office (or your work-from-home desk as the case may be) to an endless queue of unread emails.
• With the plethora of emails you have to wade through, chances are, you’re hurriedly scanning through and responding to them, so you can get down to real business; actually doing the work you’ve planned to do for the new year.
• Before sending an email, ask yourself, Do I really need to create a new email trail?

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New Yahoo Search Experience to Start Rolling Out in The First Weeks Of 2024

Yahoo SearchYahoo Search is expected to start rolling out aspects of its redesigned search experience in the first weeks of 2024.
• We are expecting more basic features, maybe a reskin and redesign to come out from Yahoo’s search team in the early weeks of 2024, maybe as soon as a couple of months from now. But then more of the AI and advanced features to continue to roll out in the future.

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