The use of influencers in digital marketing activities

The use of influencers to prop up the digital marketing activities of companies has had several twists and turns as a trend but in reality what happens is that marketers continue to adapt to this changing discipline.

Influencer Marketing: What Is It & Where Is It Going?

• DTC brands, in particular, are gathering tools and techniques to simply keep up with social commerce trends, not the least of which is the marketing power of this growing content creator world.
• Influencer worth is a hot topic these days, not because it’s debatable whether influencer marketing works, but because marketers keep discovering new ways in which influencers generate returns. Simultaneously, social creators are coming to terms with their worth. Equitable pay for influencers is a growing movement as brands move away from traditional (and costly) ad and content design. The most popular influencer performance metrics are: Influencer media value. Reach. Content. Engagement. Conversions. INFLUENCER MEDIA VALUE. Influencer media value, or IMV, is the influencer expression of earned media value (EMV). “
Influencers with a higher IMV generally produce more valuable engagement per post on behalf of their brand partnerships.

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