How to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Personal Brand


LinkedIn is a great platform for raising visibility and building strong connections through networking.
• It is a powerful platform for building and promoting your personal brand effectively, particularly when it comes to highlighting thought leadership.
• Take a look at a few ideas that you can immediately incorporate in order to use LinkedIn effectively to enhance your personal brand.

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How to Use ChatGPT for Keyword Research

• Anyone not using for keyword research is missing a trick.ChatGPT
• ChatGPT for keyword research can be a powerful assistant. Understand any topic for keyword research in minutes with these prompts.
• Discover effective ChatGPT prompts for keyword research and teach you how I put them together so that you, too, can take, edit, and enhance them even further.

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Go Passwordless: Setup a Passkey on Your Google Account

Passwordless• It’s time you switched to a passkey to get into your Google account.
• The idea of a passwordless future is slowly starting to come into focus, a year and a couple of days after Google announced the introduction of passkeys.
• Check out how to set up a passkey to get into your Google account.

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