How to Get Approved for a Small Business Grant

Small Business Grant• Getting approved for a small business grant is essentially a four-step process: finding a suitable grant, collecting the necessary documents, writing the application, and waiting for a decision.
• Of these steps, finding a grant is likely to take the longest amount of time, because there are dozens of grant programs, each focused on a particular sector or type of business.
• Once you’ve found a grant, you should take the time to make your application as competitive as possible, and ensure that your business plan clearly explains how a grant will support your business.

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SEO and Content Marketing: 3 Steps to Attract More People to Your Next Article

SEO• The line between SEO and content marketing is blurry. They’re clearly different, but where one stops and the other begins isn’t easy to pinpoint.
• But just like day and night — you can’t have one without the other. So goes the relationship between SEO and content marketing.
• Let’s explore how you can attract more people to your next article.

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5 Ways to Get PPC and SEO Working Together

PPC• SEO and PPC are often at odds. Yet the things they “bicker over” are actually areas for improved workflow and channel optimization.
• Here are five ways you can get your PPC and SEO campaigns working together.

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