How to Determine the Right Pricing Strategy for Your Small Business

Small Business• Assessing competitors and industry standards is crucial for setting pricing strategies.
• While competition can provide insights, pricing solely based on competitors’ rates may lead to underpricing. Instead, businesses should emphasize the value they offer to consumers.
• Discover more about how small businesses can navigate the challenging terrain of pricing strategy in a post-inflation economy.

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Local SEO In 2024: 6 Simple Ways to Dominate Local Search

Local SEO• New to local search? Wondering where to start?
• Local competition is hotter than ever, and if you’re not on top of your rankings, you can bet your competitors are.
• Here are six local SEO tactics you can use to help your business rank higher for local search terms.

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MIT Scientists Have Just Figured Out How to Make the Most Popular AI Image Generators 30 Times Faster

AI Image Generators• Popular artificial intelligence (AI) powered image generators can run up to 30 times faster thanks to a technique that condenses an entire 100-stage process into one step, new research shows.
• Scientists have devised a technique called “distribution matching distillation” (DMD) that teaches new AI models to mimic established image generators.
• This framework results in smaller and leaner AI models that can generate images much more quickly while retaining the same quality of the final image.

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