How To Create Local Landing Pages That Rank (2023 Guide)

local landing page• A local landing page is a web page that’s created and optimized to generate visibility and traffic in a target locality.
• For local businesses, this is generally a physical location or service area that targets a specific keyword. This includes the website that is linked to from your Google My Business listing (now called Google Business Profile).
• Use this local landing page guide to improve on-page SEO and increase rankings for local searches.

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What Is Keyword Intent?

keyword intentKeyword intent, also known as search intent, is what searchers want to achieve after they conduct a specific search.
• Google’s goal is to answer searcher’s queries as efficiently as possible. So, if your content answers a keyword’s search intent, you’re more likely to rank for that keyword.
• This is why it’s important to identify keyword intent before you create a piece of content to target a specific keyword.

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Five Steps to Creating a Strategic Small-Business Procurement StrategySmall-Business Procurement Strategy

• Why should procurement be a big deal in business?
• Isn’t it just the act of obtaining the raw materials that go into our products and offering our services?
• Why is it that small businesses so often miss out on the true power of procurement?

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