The Complex Purchase Behavior of Consumers

The cycles of the consumer’s purchase behaviors have become more complex. The consumer has in his hands multiple tools to make decisions. That is why content marketing becomes increasingly important for the construction of the brand image.

How Google’s Findings on Purchase Behavior Impact the Future of Content Marketing

• The article cited a “messy middle” – a purchase consideration loop that sits between triggers and purchase – which is where and how consumers explore products on an expansive basis and evaluate on a reductive basis.
• Les Binet and Peter Field have been researching marketing effectiveness for over a decade – and there has been no drastic change from their original work.
• They told us that brands must focus on brand building to grow their brands over the long term; that there is merit in trying to reach as many category buyers as possible; and continual brand building will help reduce the number of repetitions a consumer will make in the loop before deciding to purchase your brand.

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