How AI Is Revolutionizing the Marketing Landscape (and How to Use It Ethically)AI

• AI tools are reshaping marketing strategies by enabling hyper-personalization, predictive analytics, and real-time campaign optimization.
• The rise of AI in marketing necessitates new skill sets, data-driven cultures, and close collaboration between marketing, data science, and IT teams.
• Identity verification will play a significant role in ensuring the ethical and responsible use of AI in marketing.

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Talky Social App Airchat Gets a Major Overhaul, Making It More Like an Asynchronous Clubhouse

AirchatAirchat, a social app built around voice messages, is pivoting after it launched in April.
• Airchat now looks like an asynchronous Clubhouse.
• The concept of Airchat is fun, especially if you’re someone who loves to send voice memos instead of typing out long paragraphs on your phone keyboard.

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Gemini Live Might Work in The Background as You Use Other Apps

Gemini • For the most part, Google Assistant and Gemini will stop after the accompanying UI is off the screen.
• “Live” will let you have a two-way conversation with Gemini when it arrives this summer. Shown as a fullscreen experience at I/O 2024
Gemini Live might also work in the background, including on your lockscreen.

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