Google Gemini Can Now Create Images from Text — Here’s How It Works

Google Gemini• Google’s recently renamed AI chatbot Gemini is constantly being upgraded with new features and one of those is the ability to generate images from a text prompt.
• This new capability is all thanks to the tech giant’s Imagen 2 model built by the DeepMind lab and designed to create high-quality images.
• Here is how in a few simple steps, you too can use Google Gemini to create custom images.

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Android’s Photo Picker Gets Google Photos Integration

Android’s Photo • The newest version of the Android photo picker is more secure and looks prettier, while offering a more consistent way to attach media into apps.
• Google announced that the Android photo picker has a new cloud photos feature that will allow your chosen cloud media app to present media for sharing in apps.
• To start, Google Photos is the only option, but Google is open to other cloud media apps that qualify for a pilot program and want to get in on the action.

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3 Facebook Personal Branding Secrets to Use in 2024

facebook• Cultivating your personal brand is essential in today’s workplace. Your personal brand is your unique signature.
• To be successful, you need a strategy that includes a presence on the platforms where your target audience hangs out. That’s not every single platform. It’s usually just one or two.
• Here are a few secrets to getting the most from Facebook for your personal brand.

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