Email Has Become a Superstar Tool, Post-COVID-19


Email Has Become a Superstar Tool, Post-COVID-19

The Role of Email in the Post-COVID-19 “New Normal”

The post-COVID-19 “new normal” has brought out the benefits of email marketing, as consumers are at home and increasingly dependent on digital platforms. This is the opinion of the experts surveyed. If you are interested in finding an effective and low-cost solution to have relevant content in your business newsletters, I invite you to consider this Content Mist solution.

Email Superstar: Channel Seen as a Top Engagement Tool, Post COVID-19

Email marketing has taken on a new cachet as a channel in the wake of COVID-19, according to “COVID-19 Marketing Outlook,” a study by Chief Marketer.
• Of the marketers polled, 39% expect email to be one of the top three sources of B2C conversions post COVID-19, versus 28% pre-pandemic.
• Email ranks only behind social, which is cited by 49%.
• Content marketing is third on the list, with 37%.
• In another finding, 40% now see email as being one of their largest sources of B2C engagement, again second only to social, with 54%.

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