The Opportunities of Content Marketing in Uncertain Times

The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought enormous challenges to those of us who work in communications and marketing. However, there are lessons and opportunities that emerge to face the situation and move forward in a future that is going to be very different. These are some of the things we must do.

Content Marketing in Times of Disruption

• While these, and other future disruptions, are capable of driving a wedge between businesses and their customers, they also provide brands with opportunities to distinguish themselves through empathetic content marketing that supports both audiences and business goals.
• Creating a rapid response team or workflow is one way to set your brand up for success when current events take an unpredictable turn.
• Marketers need to audit their existing processes to clearly define what each member of their team is responsible for, what it would take to halt automated messaging, how to get a hold of stakeholders, and which channels will be used to deliver those responses.

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