ChatGPT Vision Lets You Submit Images in Your Prompts: 7 Wild Ways People Are Using It

ChatGPT Vision• ChatGPT Plus can process and analyze image inputs, making its abilities even more creepily similar to what the human brain can do.
• For ChatGPT Plus subscribers, you can upload an image to the ChatGPT app on iOS or Android, and the chatbot will recognize and understand your submission.
• It can even help you find Waldo! Let’s learn more.

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iOS 17 Release: Everything You Need to Know About Apple’s Big UpdatesiOS 17 Release

• iPhone upgrade joined by watchOS 10 and iPadOS 17, adding new features to Apple’s mobile devices
• Apple plans to release software updates for its iPhone, iPad and smartwatch on Monday, adding new features and designs for compatible devices.
• Here’s what you need to know about the updates.

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We Are Disillusioned and in an Influencer Overdrive — Here’s How to Find Authentic Guidance via Social Media Influencers

Social Media Influencers• It’s time to step back and figure out how to get informed, authentic guidance about what we wish to know.
• Informed guidance is out there; it just takes some searching.

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