Big Changes for WhatsApp

whatsapp• Meta Platforms-owned WhatsApp consistently rolls out new features, and it has been hard at work in 2024, launching a redesigned interface, artificial intelligence (AI) powered features, and several quality-of-life changes.
• The most notable changes in 2024 are arguably the redesigned green user interface and the implementation of AI.
• Check out other big changes that Meta has rolled out.

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Everything You Can Do in Google Messages [Video]

Google Messages• Google Messages, a pre-installed application on Android devices, offers a surprisingly robust suite of functionalities than other third-party messaging applications.
Google Messages is a simple but solid messaging client without adding in tons of extra options.
• Check out what the default Android messaging app can do versus the competition.

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How to Effectively Leverage Data in Your Podcast Marketing StrategyPodcast Marketing Strategy

• In today’s landscape, audience growth requires a strategic approach fueled by data-driven insights.
• Here are some tips to leverage data in podcast marketing strategies.

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