Apple Debuts New Highly-Requested Feature To Stop Thieves Who Steal Your iPhone

Stolen Device Protection feature• Apple’s new iPhone security feature in iOS 17.3 will help keep you safe when someone steals your phone.
• With the Stolen Device Protection feature, users are protected even if a thief manages to obtain their passcode.
• Instead of relying on the traditional string of numbers, users with the new feature will now be asked to enter biometric data via Face ID (face scan) or Touch ID (fingerprint) to access data or make changes.

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Work Less, Live More, and Be More Effective

Be More Effective• The 80/20 principle allows you to work less, live more, and be more effective.
• It implies identifying the 20% of activities that generate 80% of your successes and focusing on those.
• A shocking 80% of our activities at work are probably a waste of our energy and time.

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How to Do Instagram Lead Generation

Instagram Lead Generation,Instagram is a highly visible and shareable social media platform.
• Behind Instagram’s slick and social veneer you’ll find a sophisticated lead generation machine. As Meta has grown into a digital media juggernaut, so has Instagram.
• Advertisers have three main methods of generating leads via Instagram: organic, boosts, and ads. This article will discuss each.

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