7 Ways Amazon Is Making Holiday Deliveries Stress-Free, From Same-Day Delivery To Real-Time Delivery Tracking

Amazon• Shopping for Christmas? Look for the message “Arrives before Christmas” on the search and item detail pages if you need that special gift or stocking stuffer delivered prior to Santa’s arrival.
• To help manage the rush, Amazon offers fast, convenient delivery options this season, helping customers beat the holiday hustle.

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Google OCR: What It Is and How to Get Started

Google OCRGoogle OCR is a user-friendly API that is part of the Google Cloud Vision API
• It can be used to extract text from images as part of a software app that you yourself create
• When used in conjunction with other API’s and functions, Google OCR can help you create innovative applications, without needing to know how to code any AI yourself.

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Apple iMessage Soundly Beaten as Surprise New Update Goes Live

iMessage• With Apple’s iPhone 15 still relatively fresh on the shelf, the company’s first radical iPhone 16 update has already hit the headlines—but it has already become clear that there’s a huge potential issue in the mix that has just been made worse by a surprise new update
iMessage is a cornerstone of its ecosystem and one that has received increasing attention in recent years—some good, some bad.

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