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YouTube vs Instagram vs TikTok

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No todas las redes sociales son iguales No todas las plataformas sociales son iguales. Quizás sobra decirlo. Sin embargo, ¿es algo que tenemos siempre presente a la hora de segmentar nuestras estrategias de contenido y nuestros esfuerzos de mercadeo? Hoy compartimos algunas notas al respecto. YouTube vs Instagram vs TikTok: ¿dónde las marcas deben poner…

Marketing de audio: lo que debes saber

Marketing de audio Además de en Quinto Poder ahora también me puedes escuchar en el Nuevo Pod que presento en El Nuevo Herald. Los podcasts se han convertido en una nueva arma de comunicación a medida que crece su popularidad así como la de las múltiples plataformas inteligentes para escuchar audio como las de Google…
seguidores reales de Instagram

La importancia de los seguidores “reales” en Instagram y cómo encontrarlos

Los seguidores “reales” en Instagram Hace un tiempo un cliente nuevo preguntaba por qué aunque habían crecido sus seguidores no veía cambios en los resultados del marketing digital. En esos casos, lo primero que hacemos es mirar a los métodos que se usaron para atraer a esos seguidores. Si se han usado opciones “mágicas” que…
Digital Power

Weaving The Multilayered Web Of (Digital) Power

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The virtual sphere has started to permeate our daily lives with its seamless and agentless structure just as “locative art” marks reality in William Gibson’s Spook Country, prompting a character to say that cyberspace – the author’s very same brainchild of some years earlier – is turning inside out.[1] As surrounded as we are of…
Content Creation for Branding

Content Creation for Branding

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To create meaningful content, we must ask ourselves: What does our company say about us? Content creation generates conversation.

A good strategy is to create content as if you were having a conversation with your audience.

Digital fingerprint

How to Protect Your Digital Fingerprint

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In our daily lives, it is virtually inevitable to leave digital traces. Is it possible to disappear completely from the Internet? Is it advisable or crazy? What are the real risks of our fingerprint and how can we reduce it? We talk about this topic with @Jose Diaz-Balart in NoticiasTelemundo. Today anyone can look for…
Annual symposium on Latin America & the Caribbean

Annual Symposium on Latin America and the Caribbean: About the Mobile Media Culture in The Americas

As Founder of Mist | the Content Cloud, I welcome any opportunity to remind journalists, academics and media peeps that event though our industry is in turmoil, we have the duty and the ability to push forward. The only tool we have to do that is innovation. This is why I was thrilled when the…

Paying It Forward >> ONA13 Conference Registration Giveaway

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Interesting how things work similarly in separate universes. From a presentation by the director of, at the annual meeting of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists: they are succeeding in the goal of reaching large audiences in the country with a very limited internet penetration. El Faro founder and director Carlos Dada explains that…